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Dear Visitor,

I welcome you all to FSI newly designed website.

Forest Survey of India (FSI), is a premier national organization under the union Ministry of Environment and Forests, responsible for assessment and monitoring of the forest resources of the country regularly. In addition, it is also engaged in providing the services of training, research and extension. Established on June 1,1981, the Forest Survey of India succeeded the Preinvestment Survey of Forest Resources (PISFR), a project initiated in 1965 by Government of India with the sponsorship of FAO and UNDP.

The main objective of PISFR was to ascertain the availability of raw material for establishment of wood based industries in selected areas of the country. In its report in 1976, the National Commission on Agriculture (NCA) recommended for the creation of a National Forest Survey Organization for a regular, periodic and comprehensive forest resources survey of the country leading to creation of FSI. After a critical review of activities undertaken by FSI, Government of India redefined the mandate of FSI in 1986 in order to make it more relevant to the rapidly changing needs and aspirations of the country.

Our other main objectives are :

To prepare State of Forest Report biennially, providing assessment of latest forest cover in the country and monitoring changes in these.

To conduct inventory in forest and non-forest areas and develop database on forest tree resources.

To prepare thematic maps on 1:50,000 scale, using aerial photographs.

To function as a nodal agency for collection, compilation, storage and dissemination of spatial database on forest resources.

To conduct training of forestry personnel in application of technologies related to resources survey, remote sensing, GIS, etc.

To strengthen research & development infrastructure in FSI and to conduct research on applied forest survey techniques.

To support State/UT Forest Departments (SFD) in forest resources survey, mapping and inventory.

To undertake forestry related special studies/consultancies and custom made training courses for SFDs and other organisations on project basis.

I welcome any suggestions; complaints and feedback that can help improve FSI. Finally, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all officers and staffs who are committed FSI with duties and responsibilities to the departments mission and vision as a premier agency to manage and develop forest resources in a sustainable manner and to optimize the contribution of socio-economic development.


Sh.Saibal Dasgupta
Director General
Forest Survey of India