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There are certain cartographic and technological limitations in the assessment of forest cover.

Since the resolution of sensor LISS-III is 23.5 m the plantations along road, canal and railway line of a width less than the resolution are not recorded.
Considerable details on ground may be obscured in areas having clouds and shadows. It is difficult to interpret such areas without the help of collateral data.
The reflectance of young plantations with small crown and low chlorophyll content is not recorded by satellite sensors.
Gregarious occurrence of bushy vegetations and agricultural crops like lantana, tea and coffee poses problems in delineation of forests as their reflectance is similar to that of the forest.
Recorded forest areas cannot be delineated if their boundaries are unavailable.
Species composition is not identifiable with the images (of above mentioned resolution) used.



India State of Forest Report (ISFR) is a biennial publication of Forest Survey of India (FSI) an organization under the Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change Government of India

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