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Completed Projects

Monitoring of Area Coverage and Survival Percentages of Plantation / Afforestation under National Afforestation Programme (NAP)
Assessment of Coral Reefs in India
Assessment of Mangroves in India
Inventory of Forest/Tree resources in East districts of Sikkim
National Forest type Mapping
Thematic Maps
Special Studies
Assessment of Pasture Lands in Himalayan Alpine Pastures in the country
Shifting cultivation in North-Eastern Hill States
Monitoring of Forest Cover in Selected Protected Area
Application of GIS in Watershed Management
Status of Forest Cover in Tiger Reserves
Assessment of Burnt Area due to Forest Fire
Assessment of Growing stock and Increment in Indias Forests
Report on Mining Leases in Forest Areas
Report on Shifting cultivation
Damage Assessment due to Super Cyclone in Orissa
Assessment of burnt area in UP Hills(Uttarakhand)
Application of Geomatics for Generating Baseline Data for Working Plan: Mizoram
Change Assessment in Forest Cover using Remote Sensing Technology for FRA 2000
Regional Special Study- FAO, FRA-2000 Project: Valuation & Evaluation of Trees Outside Forests(TOF)
Assessment of Growing Stock, Biomass and Carbon in Indias Forests
Forest Cover in Tiger Reserves of India: Status and Changes
Rapid Assessment of Damage to Ecological Resources due to Tsunami
Geo-spatial Database for Corbett National Park
Pilot study on Assessment of Status of Sustainability of Forest Resources in India
Training Manual on Inventory of Trees Outside Forest (TOF) -EC-FAO-Partnership Programme
Report on Inventory of Trees Outside Forests (TOF) in Punjab
Micro Mission Document on Bamboo
Assessment of Forest Cover in Adjoining Areas of the Proposed Link Canals and Water Reservois


India State of Forest Report (ISFR) is a biennial publication of Forest Survey of India (FSI) an organization under the Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change Government of India

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