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We are in an era when the environmental concerns including threats of climate change are drawing increasing attention of the cross section of society from a common citizen to the national governments. This is true for every nation in the world. Rapid development and high rate of economic growth in the last five to seven decades has taken a heavy toll on the natural ecosystems. Every passing year shows natural calamities and disasters of newer dimensions and increasing severity. In our country, poor people particularly in the rural areas and tribal belts face the brunt of such calamities.

Forests & Biodiversity sector occupies a unique position in this scenario. While degradation of natural ecosystems, predominantly of forests is the major cause of many environmental problems but at the same time forests also offer pathways for not only arresting the catastrophic trend but also in reversing the same to a great extent. Challenges of forestry and biodiversity sector in the country are enormous. Success of policies, plans and strategies in overcoming the challenges depends on the quality of data and information used in formulating them. Data and information needs are diverse and enormous and they are in proportion to the issues and challenges.

Forest Survey of India has been mandated by the Government to generate critical primary data on diverse parameters depicting forest resources of the country in periodic manner. With a long experience of over half-a-century, FSI has emerged as one of the richest repository of forest data in the country and in this journey FSI has always been in the forefront of use of latest technologies.

The data produced from Forest Survey of India has been widely used as valuable input in policy, planning, formulation of programmes and strategies both at the national as well as States level. Obligatory international reporting on forests are largely sourced from FSI.

I assure everyone having stake and interest in the forestry sector of the country that the ‘Team FSI’ will continue its endeavor with utmost dedication and excellence in fulfilling the information needs of forestry & biodiversity sector of the country and in the service of nation at large.

Shri. Pankaj Agrawal
Director General
Forest Survey of India


India State of Forest Report (ISFR) is a biennial publication of Forest Survey of India (FSI) an organization under the Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change Government of India

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