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Special Studies

Vegetation Map of the Ganga Basin.
Preparation of Working Plan of Ramnagar (UP) using Remote Sensing and GIS (1996-97)
Forest fire detection & monitoring.
Status of Forest Cover in Biosphere Reserve.
National spatial data infrastructure (NSDI).
NATCOM (Indias initial National Communication to United Nations Framework convention on climate change).
Assessment of Pasture Lands in Himalayan Alpine Pastures in the Country 1989.
Application of GIS in Watershed Management -1991.
Status of Forest Cover in Tiger Reserves - 1992 - 93.
Assessment of Burnt Areas due to Forest Fire - 1995.
Damage Assessment due to Super Cyclone in Orissa - 1999.
Assessment of Burnt Area in UP Hills (Uttaranchal) - 1999.
Forest Cover Change Assessment using Remote Sensing Technology for FRA 2000 - 2000.
Valuation and Evaluation of Trees Outside Forests (TOF) for South East Asia for FAO - FRA 2000 - 1999.
Assessment of Growing Stock, Biomass and Carbon in India’s Forests - 2004.
Forest Cover in Tiger Reserves of India: Status and Changes - 2006
Rapid Assessment of Damage to Ecological Resources due to Tsunami - 2005.
Pilot Study on Assessment of Status of Sustainability of Forest Resources in India - 2003
Report on Inventory of Trees Outside Forests (TOF) in Punjab - 2006
Inventory of Trees Outside Forests in Uttar Pradesh - 2007
Inventory of Trees Outside Forests in Uttarakhand - 2008
Inventory of Trees Outside Forests in Karnataka - 2008
Assessment of Forest Cover in Adjoining Areas of the proposed Link Canal and Water Reservoirs - 2003.
Assessment of Coral Reefs in India - 2003.
Assessment of Mangroves in India - 2003
Near Real Time Monitoring of Active Forest Fires using MODIS Web Fire Mapper - 2004.
Coastal Zone Studies: Mapping at Community Level and Health Assessment of Mangrove Ecosystem - 2006
National Forest Type Mapping - 2006
Verifying Land Cover in Himachal for Carbon Credit under CDM - 2008
Mapping of Village - wise land use change in the Aravali Region of Haryana - 2008
Inventory of GHG emissions for NATCOM - II - 2008
Monitoring of forest cover change in tiger reserve in india - 2009
Macro level EIA Studies of Bellary, Chitradurga and Tumkur districts of Karnataka - 2011
Status, Density and Change in Forest Cover of Tiger Reserves in respect of Shivalik Gangetic Plain Landscape - 2013 - 2015.
Inventorization and Monitoring of Biosphere Reserves India under NNRMS Scheme - 2011 - 15.
Forest Cover Mapping and Inventory of Forests /Tree Resources in Nagaland - 2012.
Inventory of Trees Outside Forests in five districts of Uttarakhand - 2015.


India State of Forest Report (ISFR) is a biennial publication of Forest Survey of India (FSI) an organization under the Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change Government of India

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