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Southern Zone, Banglore

Name Designation Mobile no. Email Photo
1 Ashutosh Regional Director 9661177777 ashu.dir[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
2 Sampath Sundaramurthy Assistant Director 9036436475 ssampath17[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
3 Sanjay Sudhakar Kumbhare Assistant Director 9448040577 sanjay777sk[at]fsi[dot]nic[dot]in FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
4 Somasundaram P Data Processing Assistant 9482882129 sundaram21[at]rediffmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
5 Nagaraja S V Senior Technical Assistant 9448165114 svns12[at]rediffmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
6 Giri Subramanian Thiagaraj Junior Draftsman 9448897292 gstgiri[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
7 Durgesh Kumar Nagar Junior Technical Assistant 7579217640 durgesh7121987[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
8 Krishnamoorthi S Junior Technical Assistant 9902551229 krishnaresrch[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
9 Suresha T Junior Technical Assistant 9986967550 soorid2[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
10 Nandana Kumar H V Junior Technical Assistant 9880327305 nandankumarhv[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
11 Aruna N U Junior Technical Assistant 9972758953 nallikattearuna[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
12 Anil Ramesh Junior Technical Assistant 9495076159 anilramesh01[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
13 Gowdappagowda Melinamani Junior Technical Assistant 8446902656 goudanm[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
14 Prasant Kumar Junior Technical Assistant 7856921025 prasantny[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
15 Raviprakash Dipak Patil Deputy Ranger 8105708039 rdpatil235[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
16 Bidyut Nayek Deputy Ranger 9038121758 bidyutnayekindia[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
17 Vijaya Kumar B Deputy Ranger 9686868900 vijaygowda.0103[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
18 Mohammed Perveez Deputy Ranger 9449371920[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
19 Peeli Shekar Deputy Ranger 9440396482 shekarpeeli[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
20 Ankam Vijay Fieldman 9912377294 avijju05[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
21 Perumal M Fieldman 9677074376 perumal190693[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
22 Vinod Madhukar Lambodhari UDC 8762801364 vmlcha[at]yahoo[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
23 S Brinda UDC 9886355688 brindasb[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
24 Vinit LDC 8816086009 vineet.dahiya.0007[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
25 Vinod Meena LDC 9636257538 vinodm541[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
26 Srirama P Driver 9945662763 p.sriramnaidu6[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
27 Channabasappa H Driver 9611054437 cha1965fsi[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
28 Sathish H Driver 9449643082 hsathishfsi[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
29 Sunil Kumar M Driver 9844547849 sunilmass.1431[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
30 Lakshminarasamma H MTS 9845548565 lakshminarasamma1966[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
31 Byraiah M M MTS 8147581189 mmbyraiahaiah[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE
32 Nitesh Kumar MTS 7352368017 pujuroyniteshroy1998[at]gmail[dot]com FSI SOUTHERN ZONE


India State of Forest Report (ISFR) is a biennial publication of Forest Survey of India (FSI) an organization under the Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change Government of India

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